Core values

Our journey at HQMENA is propelled by a set of guiding principles that specify our identity, our values, and the ways in which we hope to have a beneficial influence. At HQMENA fundamental values that propel our achievements and distinguish us in the field, they are the lifeblood of our business., influencing choices, culture, and interactions with the outside world.

Cooperation and sponsorship

Efficiency and quality

Creativity and Innovation

Safety & Challenge

HQMENA’S Leadership

Srihari Rathinasamy


Xuan Mingming


Niyaz Mohammed

Commercial Director

Ammar Netterwala

Head of Operations

Shahanaz SR

HR Manager

Anjali Kumari

Marketing Manager

Muhammed Mazin

Finance Manager

Sheeba Seles

Project Manager-Forex

Saleem Shaikh

Project Manager