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Marketing Manager

Job description

Marketing Manager

Location: India

Experience: 6 to 10 years

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree/master’s degree

Job Summary: Help manage and oversee the majority of HQMENA Trade Show marketing, including planning, developing, executing, and measuring results.

Major Responsibilities/Activities:

• Manage the day-to-day planning and execution of industry conferences, and trade shows, including pre-and post-event communications and attendee management

• Negotiate and execute contracts for both large and small-scale events

• Collaborate across departments to contribute to meeting design, agenda development, brand building, event communications, and marketing

• Partner with the project head to develop strategies leveraging existing content and access to industry communities to promote events and tradeshows

• Communications: provide consistent and clear communication of the events program to all stakeholders, including internal briefing documents for specified events and conferences.

• Work alongside the project head to design, document, and execute innovative multi channel marketing programs for HQMENA trade shows.

• Event Systems Administrator: responsible for effective provisioning, configuration, operation, and maintenance of event systems.

• Vendor Management: Collaborate with promotional & print vendors and maintain the best relationship possible with those vendors.

• Budget Management: You will oversee, manage, and wrap up event budgets with internal teams and vendors

• Provide ongoing marketing support and material development for all event initiatives

• Manage and execute events starting with the RFP process, through vendor contracting, planning, registration, and on-site execution

• Source new venues/locations for upcoming events

• Assist in evaluating ROI for all events

• Work as a shared resource to the sales force, and other corporate departments, in support of their event needs

• Work closely with the Events Coordinator to help develop his/her skills and learn the event planning process

• Assist the Experiential Project head in executing any of his/her media to large-scale events

• Plan, coordinate and execute additional ancillary events as they arise.

Job requirements:

• Working experience in a marketing/corporate events role

• Detail-oriented, team-oriented, multi-tasking pro

• Proficient in CRM

• Bachelor's degree required, marketing concentration preferred

• Project management and contract negotiation skills essential

• Think creatively and work independently

• Excellent organizational skills essential

• Strong relationship-building and excellent customer service skills

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills Additional Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Additional Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

• Adaptable under pressure with quick deadlines

• Think creatively and work independently

• Prioritizing responsibilities effectively

• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

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