Jewellery that has that something special, something unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to your heart

Types of Jewellery Business

India’s domestic gems and jewellery industry was estimated to have a market size of about Rs.251,000 crores in 2013 with the potential to grow to Rs.500,000 crores by 2018. The entire gems and jewellery industry is set to witness a very healthy Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CGAR) of about 15.95% making it very attractive for investments.

The Preferred Retail Jewellery

“The Jewellery Expo” is India’s most alluring jewellery exhibition and sale. This is the flagship event of United Exhibition organized across India. This platform is created for the jewellery manufacturers, dealers and retailers who can showcase their dazzling contemporary and high-end collections of finest jewellery to the high net worth individuals and crème la de crème population.

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