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Business Development Executive

Job description

Business Development Executive

Location: Dubai


• Researching and identifying leads

• Generate Leads and convert them into sales

• Research and understand the latest crypto trends, news, and forex market

• Increasing revenue through inbound and outbound activities including cold calling, Emailing, and meeting clients face to face

• Focus on our customers and strategically engage with them to achieve their desired outcomes

• Use data to make insightful decisions and improve the process

• Achieve sales revenue targets as per the company business plan

• Create relationships, attend events that may help to develop sales leads

• Schedule meetings and presentations with prospects

• Maintain a well-developed pipeline of prospects

• Coordinate with other team members to optimize the sales effort

Responsibility Deliverable

1. Data Sourcing and Management.

2. Tele Calls to generate leads.

Qualification Required:

• Graduates, Post- Graduates or College Level, with experience in sales and communications or related field

• 2 to 3 years in ERP sales, Exhibition Sales experience in the GCC region

• With a wide knowledge of Forex market, Cryptocurrencies and Block chain

• Proven ability to meet and exceed sales targets.

• Proven track record of successfully managing customer relationships

⦁ Excellent interpersonal skills

⦁ Strong verbal and written communication

⦁ Preferable English & Hindi language, Arabic will be a plus.

⦁ Hardworking and can work on weekends and holidays if required

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